Thursday, May 7, 2009

BlUe Is A bRaT liKe StICh !!

now i was watching the cartoon Lilo & Stich ,

and i noticed that blue is a brat JUST like stich.

haha they kind of resemble each other, what do you guys think?

oh for those of you that don't know, blue is the ONLY doggie in the house that i mess with.. only because she is a brat and gets away with alot of stuff.. but if dingy does the same exact thing she gets in trouble.


  1. I know! poor Dingy just because she has ugly hair, she is the nicer dog...but that's why they are EVIL therefore they like their evil dog. I tagged you 1. I didn't realize you posted FINALLY today. 2. because why the heck not give you something to write about. and because I want to know your favorite song unless its that dumb Alcohol song in which case you should not be listening to songs about alcohol AND that is a dumb song.


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