Monday, January 26, 2009

*Dingy Lector*

Today, me , my grandma , and sister were on a mission to find a pet store that cut dog nails. we finally get to a PETCO, you know"where the pets go" HA HA HA!!!
anyways, while we were waiting for them to finish, we were looking for doggy treats for blue and dingy, we found these cute cookies that look and smell like human food ... *they smelt so delicious, i just HAD to try be honest with you they were VERY good!* .....
so the girl that was cutting dingys nails came out to call one of us because she wouldn't stop growling at her every time she touched a certain nail... she asked me if she could put a muzzle on her so that she could cut it.. i told her " yeah go ahead" she asked me to hold her while she put it on..
as you can see i HAD to take a picture of her with it on ...
so far I've heard that she looks like Hannibal Lector....
what do you think???
*oh and nina you know how you are always talking about getting muzzles for our dogs, well, this post was definitely posted for YOU...HAHAHA!!!!*


  1. Leave my Ding Ding alone!!! lol
    "Po lil tink tink"

  2. Dingy! Are you hungry Ding,Ding? FUCK YOU DINGY!!!!!!

  3. Awe a photo of Dingy and a photo of your dad before he got married - How cute!
    Joie I know you're joking about the cookie? Righttt, crazy girl?
    Evil dogs from hell both need a muzzle! Love you!

  4. I LOVE this picture, it always makes me smile!!

  5. nice blog, maybe u will read some of my books one day
    and happy black history month

    my roll

  6. hi jo shmo can u add my link in your blog list

  7. HA HA someone wished you happy black history month HA HA! Hey I just noticed your new photo - love it, so cute officer. Blog sometime


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